Why We Love API Traffic

Technology development is happening at a rapid pace and the ever-progressive affiliate marketing field can’t help but keep up. Our industry is now governed by Big Data, Machine Learning and Automation just as much as the rest.

Employing smart technologies is the rule of thumb and certainly our business driver here at XCASH.

With so many players involved in the affiliate game, it makes sense that APIs are now at the centre of our interactions. The number of applications that need to be integrated is growing, and so are the various technology stacks that require different approaches. 

APIs come to the rescue to facilitate the smooth integration and communication between systems. Swift automation, real-time response and statistics, instant updates are amongst the obvious benefits.

Less manual work translates into more cash!

So APIs are no longer just the instrument of big networks and advertisers, but also the Holy Grail for smart media buyers and super affiliates. 

The XCASH offers simply L.O.V.E. API traffic and we encourage all our partners to adopt this approach. 

Its ease of driving affiliate earnings is still unmatched. It opens up possibilities to tap into multiple streams of revenue by monetizing both existing and new users; ROIs are increased by collecting data and posting it to us. Plus, this data-centric correspondence guarantees the quality we are looking for. 

It’s a win-win.

So whether you’ve posted traffic to our campaigns before or you’re a new partner, reach out to the XCASH Team and they’ll guide you every step of the way to becoming an API traffic champ.


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