Have You Tried Email Passing In Your XCASH Campaigns?

Okay, everyone knows SOI flows are amongst Affiliates’ favorites and we can’t blame them! Sleek conversion funnels, with as little hassle for the user as possible, are a no-brainer.

But what do you do when these flow are becoming few and far between? Then it’s down to us to make your life easier. 

And how exactly do we do that? Simply by allowing you to pass an email address in your XCASH campaign URL and convert each click to an SOI! Then we’re seamlessly back into our users’ grace.

Integrating this type of parameter with the XCASH tracking platform couldn’t be easier and it’s gonna make you some easy cash in no time!

If you’re unsure simply check in with your XCASH account manager and they’ll give you all the tips & tricks of customizing your XCASH URLs.

Trust us, it’s easy money ;)


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