Data Monetization: The Tailored Approach

Yes, the consensus is real - data is indeed the most precious commodity in the world.

(Thanks Netflix, but Affiliate Marketers have known this before “The Great Hack” ;).

Going forward, what we choose to do with data will be all-important. 

The potential for data to deliver value for many parts of the affiliate business is enormous. As a result, data monetization is critical for any successful performance.

Sometimes though, it's hard for Affiliates or Networks to imagine quite what opportunities could unfold because they're so used to being growth ninjas, to pursuing development through established strategies and revenue streams.

That's why all players should be open to learning from other businesses and partnering in ways that make sense from a data point of view.

Firstly, everybody must understand the role and value of data. Before thinking about monetizing data, partners need to discover what kind of data they hold about their users, products, assets or transactions and what publicly available data can be gathered to increase the value of their proprietary data.

This includes old and new databases and even ’stale’ users. It can all be reactivated, retargeted and monetized.

If you’re still wondering how exactly you can do that - don’t sweat it, that’s why we’re here.

XCash is committed to assisting partners embed data monetization into their long-term strategy and get the right campaigns in place.

With significant data monetization experience behind us, we will handle all the hard work for you and help you reach the revenues your data deserves.

The XCash dating offer portfolio has been designed specifically to that aim. 

Our sleek conversion flows, the multiple tours matching different channels and traffic sources, our tracking platform - everything has been painstakingly developed for profitable data monetization.

If you are still wondering about the extent of your data, its potential or real advantage over competitors, it’s best to discuss one-on-one with a member of the XCash team. We can then take a tailored approach to your exact assets and determine how best to carry on in order to maximize your ROI.

What have you got to lose?

Sign up and test it for yourself.


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